Thursday, 29 June 2017

Freezer sort out and recipe book reduction!

It's a home day today so I've got a little more time to get stuff done. So far I've emptied and rearranged my chest freezer in the garage (while a long leggy spider watched on and climbed onto the inside of the lid!) I'm planning a Saturday batch cooking session and needed to know what I've got so I know what needs using up. 

Another reason for the sort out is to make room for a meat order I'll be doing shortly from our village butcher. We don't eat meat everyday, but I much prefer to buy from a butcher than from the supermarket. It's worth spending a bit more for the quality. 

I've come across lots of bits and bobs that I can use up over the next few weeks too. 

My fridge freezer is mainly used for ice cream and lollies and leftovers that I've frozen. I've had a tidy up and made room for the individual meals I'll put in containers after my batch cooking. 

My next task after lunch is being ruthless with my cookbooks! I have so many and I just don't use them all. I tend to bake from my vintage cookbooks now, but cook meal recipes from the more modern ones (although the seventies retro ones are my favourites) so I'm challenging myself to get rid of half of them. Those will go off to the charity shop. 

I also have a box of recipes I've collected in various folders. That needs looking at but can wait for another day. 

I'll let you know how I get on!

Mandy x


  1. I've been sorting my fridge and freezer. The food spend this month has been ludicrous and although I haven't wasted much I'd rather not waste any. I culled my cookbooks a while ago and to be quite honest I don't miss them but I now do a lot of googling for recipes. They can be stored digitally - keeps the shelves clearer!

  2. Hi, thanks for my personal post yesterday, the treacle sponge and meringue pie look delicious.
    It's amazing how our cook books mount up when I expect like me it's usually only one or two recipes we use from each book. I am decluttering because I am hoping to move sometime this year and know I won't have room for everything I own.
    Enjoy the weekend and trust the family are well and will be helping with the batch cooking.
    Hazel c uk

  3. Sounds like a busy day :) I'm the same I love reading cookbooks but actually making things of them doesn't seem to happen lol. I bet the family are enjoying the fruits of your labour.

  4. Hi Mandy, sorry not had time to email you, been a bit manic here. I too am having a use it up month, well hopefully it will go into next month as we go away in a couple of weeks so when we come back I hope we can carry on using stuff up and I will save some money.
    We found out last week my daughter is pregnant again but luckily this time is in a settled relationship with a loving partner.
    We went to the midweek carboot sale this morning VERY early (7am) as DD works part time now in the shop straight across the road from us and started work at 9am so we had a quick scoot round. We haven't been since last year as its only on for a few months in the summer but im glad we did I got a cast iron griddle to go across 2 gas burners on my range cooker for £2, 6 individual lidded Tupperware jelly moulds for £1, 2 brand new espresso cups & saucers for 50p and 2 pair of army patterned cargo shorts for OH for £1.50 a pair.
    We are hoping to get to go again before our holiday but it depends on OH's work shifts if he is home to take the grandsons to school so we can go early again.
    I had better get ready for work as we are in early today as its early school dinners as its sports day this afternoon.
    take care jane xx

  5. Hello!,Ive only just found your blog.Ive noticed that you havent posted since June so i hope that you havent finished doing it cause it looks really interesting!!,I love all things Frugal and thrifty,so i will read through some of your older blogs...if thats ok!,Best Wishes,Debi,x